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plied the servan●t, with a flash of ivory teet●h in a very friendly smile. “When will h▓e be in” “Ah! Reverend —— gone to ●Iskanderia.No can tell.Come b▓ack maybe three day, maybe week,” an▓d the black face grew so sorrowful with pity● that I hastened to leave, lest tears shou▓ld begin to flow. The German was ▓awaiting me about four steps from ●the spot where

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he had disappeared at a brisk w●alk. “You’re back soon,” he said, “w●hat luck” 199“He is not in.” “No●t in Hllespein! Certainly he’s in! He ne●ver goes out before noon.Do you t▓hink I’m a bungler at my profession I kno▓w the hours of every padre in ▓Cairo, exactly, always! Who ▓told you he was not in” “Hi●s servant.” “Was! Ein verdammter Schwa

rtz▓e Herr Gott, aber du bist roh! Two days ●looking for work, and you don’t know ye▓t that every nigger servant w▓ill tell you his master is o▓ut Not in!”—and he burst forth in hi▓s peculiarly silent, yet uproari●ous laughter. A new light had broke●n in upon me.This, then, was th●e

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    3400 Campton Resort Dr.
    San Francisco, California 49683
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    June 1st, 2013 @ 5pm
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    June 1st, 2013 @ 6pm

    reason that of some forty white men whom● I had called on for employment, a bare ▓dozen had been at


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r an hour next m (800) 222-3456 ex 5100
San Francisco, CA 33131 USA ▓orning t Get Directions
o conduct me to the Secretary of● the “Cairo Aid Socie


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home I left my compa▓nion to conquer his risibility alone, and, haste▓ning back to the rectory, brought the ser▓vant to the door with a vicious ring. ● “I’ve heard the Rev


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erend —— is in.I wan▓t to see him.” There was ●no smile on the ebony face now.Even ●through the mask of black skin on

e could s●ee anger welling up, the blind rage

of the M●ussulman agains

t the hated unbeliever. “▓I say Reverend —— not in!”● snarled the servant, in hoarse▓ sotto voce, “Go away.”

With a string of● English oaths that spoke better of h●is linguistic abilities than the influe●nce of his master, he

shut the door, qui●ckly, yet noiselessly. I pressed a finger a●gainst the electric button and ▓kept it there.A quick

muffled patter of▓ footsteps sounded inside, a whis●pered imprecation came through the keyhole.M●y finger was growing numb.I

relie▓ved it with a thumb without breaki▓ng the circuit. “Go away,” g●rowled the servant, fiercely, ha▓lf opening the door, “go way, damn you▓, I cut your neck”—and his spe▓ech did not

end there.I relieved my thu●mb with another finger.The ▓murderous gleam in the Arab’s eyes● blazed forth more fiercely, then b▓y a stern command of the will changed ▓to an appeal. “My God, stop! 癖 he begged. “Is your master in Iskand▓e


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ria” A cry of rage trembled on his lip▓s and was forced back. “●No,” he snapped, throwing ope▓n the door. I stepped ins

ide and ▓followed him along the hall.At the e

ntrance to ▓a well-stocked library

he turned to me with a h▓oarse whisper:—“Damn 200you! Why for you rin●g bell I make you full of hole

s—” A ▓light step sounded in the passage and ▓a grey-haired English lady steppe●d towards us. ?/p>

癥es, sir,” continu▓ed the Arab, without a pause, “master see ▓you right away, sir.Step inside, ple▓a

se, sir.” “Maghmoód,” said th▓e lady, “who was ringing the door bell so l●ong” “Think button get stuck, lady, when g▓entleman push,” replied the A●rab, beaming upon me, “Shall I bring chocol▓ate, lady” I sat down in the library and▓ was joined almos

t at once b●y a sturdy, well-groomed old gentleman—a Briton● by every token. “Have trouble in g●etting i

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